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Colorblind Carlos - YouTube. Please subscribe! Enjoy the videos!

Prints - Stickers - Books - T-Shirts - gifts

Prints - Stickers - Books - T-Shirts - gifts

To purchase notebooks & sketchbooks with my art as covers! Also my kid's Kindle e-books.

For stickers and stuff to wear

Red Bubble Store

You can get some of my designs on various products like cups, shirts and stickers! My daughter has a few on there also.

If you would like to purchase a PRINT of any of my artwork or the ORIGINAL, send me an e-mail at and I will get back to you ASAP. I have tons of prints available, some of which I CAN'T put on Red Bubble.

If you live in the Kansas City area, head over to Independence Square and check out our little gallery, Art Squared located at 111 N. Main Street. I have prints, cards and magnets of all my work there.

If you'd like a specific piece of my art (anything on my website or facebook page) on a magnet, let me know. These are big, 5.5x4 inches. The cost is $5 for each, $1 shipping. I take Paypal or Venmo or Apple Pay.


Black Apple iPad Pro Frame with Shadow

Carlos has been doodling ever since he can remember. He is self-taught, having honed his drawing skills on the pages of all his school books. His comic strip IAN , ran in the The Salt Lake Tribune for two years. Located now in Independence, Missouri, he has entered many art shows and has won several first place awards for his realistic drawings. He has also self-published several Christian children's e-book called "Apologetics 4 Kids!" They can be found on Amazon Kindle.

Carlos was born in Chile and moved to the States when he was eight. He is a graduate of the University of Utah, a veteran of Desert Storm and is now a local mailman. He has been married to Audree for over 20 years and has two kids, Cora and Gabriel.

Like all artists, he wishes he could draw for a living.

Lines Border Design

This is an interview I did with KMBC about my artwork, more specifically, how to draw Patrick Mahomes. This was a segment they were running during Superbowl week. It was cool seeing my art on the local news. I edited it to take out the artwork that wasn't mine so it wouldn't be confusing.

Lines Border Design
Lines Border Design

This appeared a few years ago in the Examiner (Independence paper). It's behind a paywall now so I took screen shots.

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